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Design employee experiences to retain talent.

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Low engagement is affecting company productivity

Employees aren't happy because your company isn't meeting their expectations and this is affecting the bottom line.

Programs & processes are not being adopted.

You've spent money on new programs, tools & processes but lack of purpose, guidance or efficiency deters employees from adopting them.

Innovation isn't part of your company culture

Leadership wants innovation but employees aren't motivated to act on it due to lack of a support structure to nurture it.

Mind the EX gap

Companies have good intent for employees - however blind spots and gaps get in the way of the best laid plans. Traditional HR practices arent built to to discover the gaps between employee expectations and employer touchpoints. To solve these challenges they need to bridge the gap between consumer & employee experiences.


Employees are more loyal to the products they own than the companies that give them their monthly pay check.


People+ can bridge the gap between your customer & employee experiences.

Guided by empathy, curiosity and imagination our team works with you to create solutions across the employee lifecycle.

We explore the past to anticipate what might happen next. We work with you on your with long term vision and short term goals in parallel to take action in the present.




Opportunities to improve

What we do

+ Employee Listening

+ Map Employee Journeys

+ Identify Employee Personas

+ Technology Solutioning

What we deliver

+ Voice of Employee Reports

+ Employee Journey Maps

+ Process Improvement Roadmap

+ Technology Ecosystem Design

Process &


New ways of working

What we do

+ Evaluate Existing Process/Programs

+ Conduct Co-Design Workshops

+ Design New Programs & EX Goals

+ Gamify Employee Programs

What we deliver

+ New Program Activation Concepts

+ Program Operating Manual

+ Pilot New Processes/Programs

+ ROI & Metrics for Success



Experiences that matter

What we do

+ Employer Brand Design

+ Onboarding Comms Planning

+ Design Digital Content

+ Transform Existing Content

What we deliver

+ Snackable Content Design

+ Branded Design Templates

+ Brand Mascot Design System

+ EX Gamification Design


We move beyond design thinking and help you take action.

Design is more than just a toolkit, it’s a method for taking action. Whether you’re shaping a new program from scratch, evolving an existing process or discovering an new opportunity, we’ve got you.

Ready to take action?




Enhancing any program or process by listening to employees and identifying opportunities.




Understanding and uncovering all the touchpoints, pain points and opportunities in a employee journey.




Building personas to personalize onboarding for candidates with different motivations.



Content Design

Transforming employee content into consumable bite size formats with clear information prioritization.



Work Futures

Designing the future of work through prototyping & piloting new work scenarios.



Program Adoption

Identifying the right behavioural hooks and triggers to improve adoption and participation of employees


Design Data-Driven


Unleash the power of employee data to help them do their job better and improve retention.

We are your EX design partners to make work a better place, together.

People+ was initially founded as a design team inside of Tydy, the mothership, where we built a practice to create experiences through signature design methods, usually used in creating consumer products -> and applied it to purposeful employee experiences within organizations.

By collaborating directly with company visionaries like CHRO, CIOs & CEOs, we help people teams, executives & partners to get a glimpse into what the future of their employee experience can be. ‍from scratch, evolving an existing process or discovering an new opportunity, we’ve got you.

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Gaurabh Mathure

Experience Design & Innovation

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Kiran Menon

Business Strategy & Transformation

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People+ is an employee experience design studio from the makers of Tydy